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Horse Trailer Repair in Richland Washington State
Horse Trailer Repair in Tri-Cities Washington State
Horse Trailer Repair in Tri-Cities Washington State
Horse Trailer Repair in Kennewick Washington State

Horse Trailers

Horse Trailer Repair in Tri-Cities Washington State

Tri-Cities Mobile RV Repair

The Mobile Horse Trailer Repair Company you can count on.

Central Texas Mobile RV Service is a locally owned Motorhome/Trailer repair company who’s mechanics are RVIA Certified. We offer mobile service and repairs up to 100 miles away.

Horse Trailer Service & Repairs Details

Maintaining your horse trailer year after year is an excellent way to sustain its value as well as keeping it in excellent working condition.

Constant usage and loading and unloading animals wears on all parts of the trailer from the floor boards and frame welds, to the doors and hatches.

Schedule an appointment to have your horse trailer inspected today!

Car Hauler Trailer Service

Car haulers take a lot of abuse year after year and is why it’s imperative to get it serviced annually. Our Annual car trailer service includes checking the electrical wires and lights, packing bearings, suspension and axles checked. We also take the time to check the frame of the trailer to ensure that its not damaged.

Annual Inspections

Trailer inspections are well worth the investment. Whether you are looking to purchase a new or used horse / car hauler trailer or just want to get your current trailer inspected, a annual inspection is vital.

Yes, most trailer dealers will provide their own checklist, but having a non-bias third party inspect your trailer is always recommended.

We will go over a 100 point checklist to insure your trailer and vehicle is fit for the road. Ensuring that your trailer fits your vehicle is one of the most important aspects that can easily go overlooked.

Some of key points in our checklist include:

  • Lights & wiring

  • Coupler

  • Axles & Welds

  • Bearings

  • Tires

RV Repair
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